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Off The Beaten Path Projects

Sometimes projects come along that don't fit in any other category.

The Minikahda Club | 1898 Pub Art Work Design
There is a story here. I was tasked with designing artwork for the new 1898 Pub on the second floor overlooking the Minikahda pool. We thought it would be fun to bring in some vintage pool photos if we could find them instead of the regular golfy vintage shots that were sprinkled around the club on the walls. After searching for a while we stumbled upon small, tiny little negatives of what looked to be pool shots. I had them scanned, and they were just what we were looking for to add some fun pizazz and life to the Pub walls, not just the normal run of the mill clubby boring golf pictures of Bobby Jones.  I decided it would be even better to colorize them, consulted with the interior designer to blow them way up, print them and frame them with a white matte and simple gold frame to match some hardware and lighting in the room. See Gallery.